2023-01-12  NEWS

Raffles Lease Strengthens European Sales Team

Raffles Lease has seen significant growth in their business in Europe. In order to meet the continuing demand for tank containers leasing to tank operators and logistics companies and continue to deliver a high level of service, the decision was made to expand the team with skill and experience.

In our Hamburg office we are very happy to welcome Michael Heinkel as Sales Manager Europe to the Raffles Team. Michael has more than 12 years’ experience in bulk logistics and leasing in tank containers and railcars. Michael brings sales, business development and account management skills to Raffles to serve our clients in Europe. Contact Michael at

Sander Spruit has been hired as Sales Manager Benelux. Sander has served as Sales Executive - Beneleux with Eurotainer for several years and is well suited to manage our existing clients and grow our leasing business with transport and logistics companies in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Sander will continue to build strong relationships with his clients to serve their container leasing needs. Sander will be based in Rotterdam as the central hub for the region. Contact Sander at

Raffles Lease will continue to grow the team globally in order to serve our clients with the best customer care possible.

2022-10-29  NEWS

Raffles Lease attending Intermodal Europe 2022

Representatives from Raffles Lease will be attending the Intermodal Europe Conference on 8 and 9 November, 2022 in Amsterdam. Intermodal Europe is the continent’s leading container shipping and intermodal transport industry event. Visitors to the conference come from a myriad of sectors including shippers, ports and terminals, technology providers, shipping agents, shipping lines and providers of logistics services.

Raffles Lease will be attending several of the conference seminars and meeting with clients and prospective clients. To schedule a meeting please email or phone our Hamburg office on +49 40 300684796.

For more information on Intermodal Europe 2022 please go to: www.intermodal-events.com

2022-09-29  NEWS


Adding Whatsapp Business to our social media and messaging platforms will offer interested businesses and prospective clients another method to connect and chat with Raffles Lease.

The Raffles Lease WhatsApp Business Account provides introductory information on our company and our fleet of tank containers available for lease.

Click on the below link to connect with Raffles Lease on WhatsApp:

or connect via any of our social media sites. Links can be found at www.raffleslease.com

2022-08-08  NEWS

Ermewa Group releases their Sustainability Report for 2021

The report summarizes the Group’s policies on safety, quality, corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainable development, along with actions taken to adhere to the policies.

To read the report please follow this link: https://www.ermewa-group.com/publications/

2022-07-18  NEWS


Driven by business growth in China, the Raffles Lease office in Shanghai has moved to a new location. Our team has moved to a larger and modern office space in the City of Shanghai. This new office location will continue to provide innovative tank container leasing solutions to serve our clients and prospective clients in the transport and logistics industry in the PRC.

Please contact our China team at:

Raffles Lease
Room B3, 13/F, Huaxin Haixin Building
666, Fu Zhou Road
Shanghai 200001
Phone: +86 21 63336070
Contact: Angela Zhang

2022-04-19  NEWS

Raffles Lease to attend Transport Logistic China - June 15-17, 2022 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center

Transport Logistic is the hub of the global logistics industry. The trade fair, which is accompanied by a conference program, presents the optimal solutions for every requirement. Transport Logistic combines innovative products, technologies, and systems with pooled expertise and a strong sales focus. This exhibition is the leading event for showcasing the entire spectrum of logistics products, technologies and services. This exhibition is the leading event for showcasing the entire spectrum of logistics products, technologies and services. Assuming the health situation in Shanghai allows, Raffles Lease returns in 2022 to meet with our clients and future clients.


To schedule a meeting at the Exhibition please contact:

Raffles Lease Shanghai Office
Room 5142, 51/F, Raffles City Centre
No.268 Xi Zang Middle Road
Shanghai, China 200001
Phone: +86 21 23127505
Contact: Angela Zhang

2022-03-16  NEWS

Raffles Lease continues aggressive fleet growth by adding 2750 tank containers in 2022

Raffles Lease, seeing the strong global demand for tank containers for transport and logistics companies, has placed orders and will take delivery of additional 2750 tank containers from end Q2 onwards.
The fleet additions are a combination of tank container types and capacities including swap bodies and 20-foot tanks T11 25000, 26000 and 35000 litre capacities. Many of the newbuild units are fitted with specialized components including baffles and ground operated vapor return lines.

Raffles Lease continues to follow its strategy to continuously build tank containers designed and constructed using the latest innovations in the industry to serve its customers.

Contact your Raffles Lease office for more information on leasing this equipment for your fleet.

2021-12-16  NEWS


Raffles Lease has developed an online platform for customer access to key technical documents, contract data and testing information. Clients can now access the Extranet via www.raffleslease.com and obtain technical specifications, general arrangement drawings, initial inspection and test certificates. The extranet dashboard provides a high level overview of the fleet of tank containers leased and our customers can drill down for more information by contract number or tank container number. Technical specifications can be viewed online or can be downloaded. Important operational documents like calibration charts and certificates can also be downloaded. Customers can also proactively manage the testing requirements of their fleet by reviewing next test dates for their fleet of tank containers. Fleet reports can also be generated and exported to Microsoft Excel. Several fields on the Extranet are available in different languages including Russian, French, Dutch, Chinese, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese and Japanese.

Contact your Raffles representative or email for more information and to be set up for access to the extranet.

2021-11-08  NEWS

SNCF, DWS and CDPQ announce the completion of the sale by SNCF Group of Ermewa, a European leader in railcars leasing and the global leader in tank containers leasing, to the DWSCDPQ consortium.

SNCF, DWS and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) , a global investment group, today announced the completion of the transaction whereby SNCF Group, the French State transport and railway operator, sold its shares representing 100% of the Ermewa Holding’s capital and voting rights, and its subsidiaries (together the Ermewa Group), to a consortium consisting of CDPQ and DWS.

To read the full press release please follow this link: https://www.ermewa-group.com/news/

2021-09-17  NEWS

Raffles Lease takes delivery of lightweight, 35000 liter capacity swap body tank containers

Raffles Lease has ordered additional large capacity swap body tank container with the lowest tare weight possible to maximize pay load for our clients. The tank containers are constructed with V-shaped baffles (70% coverage), cleaning hatches, insulation, heating coils and European manufactured valves. The units are also built with additional safety features including ground level operated airline/vapor return, full coverage walkways and a collapsible handrail. Contact your nearest Raffles Lease office for more details on leasing these containers.

2021-08-24  NEWS


The report summarizes the Group’s policies on safety, quality, corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainable development, along with actions taken to adhere to the policies.

To read the report please follow this link: https://www.ermewa-group.com/publications/

2021-06-09  NEWS

New Video: Raffles Lease - Empowering Intermodal Logistics

The use of tank containers from Raffles Lease for the shipment of bulk liquids across multiple modes of transportation delivers strong benefits. These include the use of one intermodal asset for all modes, reduced carbon footprint & product handling and ultimately an environmentally superior method of transport over flexibags and drums. Watch the video below to learn about the benefits of tank containers in multimodal logistics.

Click on the link below to watch the video

2020-10-09  NEWS


Driven by business growth in the European region the Raffles Lease office in Hamburg, Germany has moved to a new location. Our team is growing to serve our clients in Europe and the move to a larger and modern office space was the logical next step. Please contact our European team at:

Raffles Lease Pte. Ltd.
Elbberg 6b
22767 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 300684790

2020-08-31  NEWS


These new tank containers are ideally suited for logistics companies, tank operators and other companies that ship a wide variety of products. Stainless steel fixed baffles allow our clients to ship high density and low density commodities and enable full and short loading. These versatile tank containers are constructed with multiple 300 mm cleaning hatches, in addition to a 500 mm manway.
The containers are brand new and can be dedicated to food grade or chemical grade service.

Watch the short video below to learn more about these tank containers and please contact your local Raffles Lease office for leasing information. www.raffleslease.com

2020-07-30  NEWS

Due to business growth in the region our Shanghai Office will move to the following new address on July 31, 2020.
Address: Room 5142, 51/F, Raffles City Centre, No.268 Xi Zang Middle Road, Shanghai, China 200001
Tel: +86 21 23127505

2020-07-09  NEWS

Ermewa Group releases their Safety and Environment Report 2019

The report summarizes the Group’s policies on safety, quality, corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainable development, along with actions taken to adhere to the policies.

To read the report please follow this link: http://www.r-agency.fr/clients/ermewa/safety_and_environment_report_2019/

2020-05-15  NEWS

Raffles Lease is a member of The International Tank Container Organization (ITCO). ITCO has released a short animated video highlighting the issue of plastics waste and the environmental benefits of using tank containers over flexitanks. Raffles Lease supports this message as it is in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. We encourage our clients and partners to view the video and learn about the environmental benefits of intermodal tank containers.

Click on the link below to watch the video

2020-04-03  NEWS

Brand new 25000 and 26000 liter capacity tanks just arriving in Europe. Perfect for food/beverage or chemical service with 316L grade stainless steel barrels. Tanks are fitted with B style walkways, offering larger coverage and a higher level of safety. Contact Raffles Lease, Hamburg office for leasing details.

2020-03-17  NEWS


A Message to Our Customers and Business Partners – COVID-19

Like many of you, we have spent the last several days and weeks learning about COVID-19 and how it continues to impact our world. We have been listening to the appropriate sources for accurate, up-to-date information. As the impact evolves, we are actively monitoring the situation, assessing risks, and are ready to implement additional precautionary measures needed to ensure a high level of safety for our customers, suppliers and staff members.

With that in mind, we are taking sensible steps to help protect our team so they can continue to provide the services you need with the best experience possible. This means fewer meetings, limiting travel, working from home and making it easier for our staff members to take the time they need to care for themselves or their families in the event they are directly affected by COVID-19.

The ERMEWA Group services you rely on will certainly be affected by COVID-19 outbreak, but we will do our upmost to remain operational.

This is a fluid situation that is changing daily and we recognize this is a challenging time for all. We remain deeply committed to the safety of our customers, team, and communities. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support and trust in us.

Take care of yourself and each other,

ERMEWA Group. (Ermewa S.A. – Eurotainer – Raffles Lease – Inveho)

2020-02-25  NEWS

Raffles Lease completes rebranding of website and plans website improvements for the future to enhance the online experience for current and prospective clients.

2020-02-14  NEWS

Raffles Lease issues new brochure insert on T11 Type 25000/26000 Liter Tank Containers. Contact your local Raffles Lease Representative for a copy and to learn more about our tank containers available for lease.

2020-01-13  NEWS

Raffles Lease announces the relocation of their office in Singapore. Effective immediately we have moved to:

Raffles Lease Pte. Ltd.
79 Anson Road, #11-04
Singapore 079906
Phone : +65 6513 5785

2020-01-07  NEWS

Raffles Lease is committed to updating our fleet in order to provide tank containers to our clients with the latest technical innovations. Our new tank containers recently added to the fleet:

2020-01-02  NEWS

Raffles Lease Announces Rebranding Raffles Lease releases a new logo designed to symbolize the next evolution in the life of the company. Our new logo stands for global tank availability, high quality of equipment, competitive lease pricing and being a key member of the Ermewa Group of companies.